I am a PhD student at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and my particular research interest is in user experience in digital cultural contexts. I’m a museums Geek, and proud of it.  I love museums, digital things and what people thing of them. I’m excitable about almost everything especially tea and cake.  Previously I was the  Research Assistant  in the Centre for Digital Humanities working on a JISC funded VRE project.

My research focuses on the value and impact of digital cultural content by exploring user information seeking and interaction behaviour.  I am fascinated by the nature of participation and engagement possibilities provided by digital spaces and social media and whether online interactions with cultural content provide engaging experiences for users, supporting inquiry and meaning making.

I am a HASTAC Scholar, Chair of the committee of the Digital Learning Network For Museums, Libraries and Archives as well as on the committee for Ignite London.

(oh and, if I was forced into the clearly horrifying decision of which side I would be on if there was a war between humanities and computer science…  I’d pick humanities.)