I’m a Digital Classicist and PhD student in Digital Humanities at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London.

My research focusses on the automatic extraction and exploitation of citation networks within journal papers in Classics. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, “I’m kinda building a Mendeley or CiteSeer for Classicists, you know? Just that you can use it to browse the citations between papers and ancient texts, that’s it”.

My research interests include: fragmentary texts in Classical literature, citation networks, ontology modelling and Semantic Web technologies. I love to collaborate to open source projects and to share my ideas and lines of code with the world. It’s a way to make them living.

My professional trajectory is intrinsically cross-disciplinary. But being asked to choose between Humanities and Technologies, I’ll pick the Technologies side. Indeed I feel this component being slightly predominant at the moment (let’s say, 55% Technologies and 45% Humanities). I love to spend more time working on ancient Greek, though!

Feel free to contact me at matteo [at]